Specialization in Oil and Gas Engineering

The Specialized Master's in Oil and Gas Engineering is designed to train professional engineers with a high level of competence in reservoir engineering, drilling, well engineering, production and process. It prepares engineers for a good and solid knowledge of the basics of petroleum engineering and be capable of adapting quickly to the needs of the oil industry.

At the end of this programme, graduates shall be able to :

    • Master the basic techniques necessary for the evaluation and management of oil and gas deposits;
    • Design and oversee the drilling of production wells in an efficient manner.
    • Propose and carry out well maintenance programmes to improve hydrocarbon recovery and design work over and well stimulation programmes;
    • Design, build and operate oil or gas production facilities, onshore or offshore;
    • Carry out programmes to optimise and improve the production of oil and gas fields;
    • Integrate the HSE dimension into all engineering, construction, operation and operation of facilities. In order to instil an HSE culture, this topic is addressed across the entire programme. In particular, safety is very much present in the lessons;
    • Apply the principles of oil economics and the economic decisions commonly used for the economic study of oil field development;
    • Integrate very quickly into multidisciplinary project teams and in an international context.
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